Legal text web entries

Legal text web entries

Terms and Conditions for the Event

49th MANSION International Polo Tournament (the Event)

Accreditations for the event

Grants access rights for one (1) day to the Event. Children under twelve years old and people with disabilities will be able to access the Event free of charge. They will be able to

require them to prove their status at the time of entry (presentation of the certificate or card proving the degree of disability, presentation of ID card or other document

official accreditation). Free parking subject to availability.

Purchase of tickets and packs

The above tickets and packs can only be purchased at authorized points of sale and/or authorized sales channels. The following points are authorized: ticket offices of the Event and the official website of the Event (

The possession of the accreditation does not give the holder or third parties the right to use it for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes, raffles or competitions, unless the Organization gives its express written authorization. Resale of tickets and packs is prohibited. In case of resale, the ticket will be confiscated or cancelled without any right to reimbursement.

Access to the Event

The Organization may deny access to the Event to attendees if it detects any anomaly in the accreditations. All tickets, corporate invitations, packs or passes

wrinkled, broken, or showing signs of falsification or illicit acquisition, shall authorize the Organization to deprive the attendees of access to the premises.

The Organization may deny access to the Event to attendees with valid accreditation due to capacity issues or justified security concerns. In this case, the accreditation may be used on another day.

The Organization is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of the accreditation. No food, drink, bottles, cans or dangerous objects are allowed on the premises.

The Organization may deny access to the venue or refuse to allow attendees to remain on the venue in the event of non-compliance with these terms and conditions and/or the safety or organizational instructions of the Organization’s staff, as well as in the event that they may be in a state of intoxication or it may be reasonably assumed that a situation of risk or danger will be created for the attendee or other attendees.

Assistants shall be responsible in all cases for their own actions and omissions causing damage or injury to property or third parties, as well as to minors in their charge.

Theft, robbery and damage to the vehicle

The Organization does not assume any responsibility in case of loss or theft of personal belongings.

The Organization does not assume any responsibility in case of damage to the vehicle parked in the parking lot or in case of theft of items from the vehicle.

Photographs, recordings and video

Unless otherwise indicated, attendees may photograph, record or film during their attendance at the Event for private use only. They may not make any advertising or commercial use of the material obtained or publish it on social networks or any other site without the consent of the other persons appearing in the photograph or recording.

Attendees agree that they may be photographed, recorded or filmed by any means for subsequent dissemination in any medium, whether for informational or promotional purposes, either during the course of the Event or after it has ended, authorizing such use to the Organization and its sponsors and collaborators in the Event, including, without limitation, its use on the website or social networks of the

Organization or sponsors and collaborators in the Event, for the indicated purposes and with the indicated amplitude.


Cancellation or suspension

In the event of cancellation or suspension of the Event as a result of the health crisis of the COVID-19, the Organizer will refund the users the amount of the tickets corresponding to the days that the Event could not be held (except for days whose cancellation occurs once the Event has started). In any case, the Organizer will not pay any compensation to the users, for expenses they may have incurred, or for any other concept.

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